How Much Does A Loft Conversion Cost?

There are a great many benefits to converting your home’s loft. At a time when housing prices are high, converting your loft is an easy way to guarantee more space in your family home. Similarly, it will make your house far more desirable when it comes time to sell, increasing its value by almost 25%.

However, there is one problem that those who wish to convert their loft inevitably encounter: the cost. Converting your loft can often be an expensive venture with lots of work involved at a varying degree of prices. But how much does your average loft conversion cost a homeowner, and what are you getting for the price?

loftconversion2What types of loft conversion can I have — and how much do they cost?

There are three popular types of loft conversion that many people choose from. The first, and most inexpensive, is the Dormer loft conversion which costs as little as £20,000. This involves bringing the back or side of a sloping roof outwards. The second option that homeowners frequently select is the Hip To Gable conversion which involves altering the sloped side of your roof (known as the hip) into a flat gable end. As this often requires seeking planning permission, the conversion could ultimately cost in the region of £30-35,000. Finally, you might wish to choose a Mansard loft conversion which alters the back slope of a roof to a steeper gradient. This also requires planning permission as work must be done on the structure and could cost up to £40,000.

loftconversion3What can I add to a loft conversion — and what will these things cost me?

A lot of people who are looking to convert their loft may hope to add some unique features while doing so. Some have transformed their loft into an en-suite bathroom by adding plumbing for sinks, toilets, baths, etc. Others have installed stairs in order to provide better access to the loft. Depending on what add-ons you desire, these additional items will boost the price of your conversion. For instance, stairs that are manufactured and fitted to meet the specific requirements of your loft could set you back between £500 and £800. Meanwhile, installing new roof lights will cost homeowners somewhere in the region of £600.

loftconversion4Does the size or location of my house impact the cost?

There are different costs for loft conversions depending on where your house is located. Loft conversions in London are, for instance, going to cost significantly more than loft conversions Liverpool. It’s estimated that people living in London will generally have to pay close to £40,000 for the job while those living outside of the capital will be paying between the £20,000 and £30,000 mark.

The other major factor that will impact how much a homeowner spends on a loft conversion is the size of the house itself. Those with a standard 20 square metre loft will be paying a reasonably low cost of between £10-12,000. Meanwhile, the more common 20 square metre deluxe lofts will be in the region of £24-27,000. If you are residing somewhere that has a standard 30 square metre loft this price will be between £12,000 and £13,000 while deluxe lofts of this size could be setting you back around £25-28,000.

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