Why Get a Loft Conversion?

Loft conversions are by far one of the most common types of home improvement we see on the market today. With housing prices rising, many people are looking for new ways to get more out of the property they own rather than browsing the listings. A loft conversion can be just the thing to give your home that long-desired boost, with minimum disruption and fuss, yet benefits that will last a lifetime.loftconversion4

Space and utility are the main benefits that often spring to mind when talking of loft conversions, but there are actually a number of others that may not have crossed your mind.

1. Minimum Disruption

loft-conversion-processLoft conversions are done from the outside using scaffolding, so you can continue to live at home during the process with minimum disruption to the other rooms in your home.

This is often not the case for most types of home improvement, where inhabitants are often required to move out of bedrooms; rearrange their living quarters or go  without water for some hours of the day.

2. Increased House Valueselling-home

A loft conversion is absolutely a good investment for the future. Not only will you get the instant benefit of the extra space, you’ll also be adding up to 20% to your home’s current value.

This puts you in a good position should you ever wish to sell the house in later life.

3. Opportunity to get Creative

The loft is often a wasted space, rarely used to the fullest of its potential. But when you think about converting it, you open up the doors to a whole range of ways in which you can get creative with your new room.

home-recording-studioWith an imaginative use of large windows or glazing, you can make a breathtaking space where you’ll enjoy spending time. Or, you may decide to turn it into a purpose-built storage room, such as a recording studio, rehearsal room or home cinema. Many people also use it to incorporate nifty storage facilities that are disguised or hidden in the existing interior.

The choices are endless. Consult your architect or an interior designer for inspiration on how to use your space.

4. Increased Energy Efficiency

When you create another room above your house, you are adding space on top of your home that can improve its energy efficiency. A loft conversion helps to keep things warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer – its essentially like putting a ‘hat’ on the top of your house, experts say.

5. Experienced Fitters

Loft conversions are one of the oldest home improvements going back 30 or so years, says Lindsay Cuthill, head of residential sales for Savills.  There is likely to be no problem they haven’t encountered, so experienced builders such as Liverpool Joinery Company can be trusted to give the right verdict when it comes to creating your loft.

That means that when they say it’ll take six weeks, you can probably take their word for it, and other measurements or potential problems that may arise will be dealt with appropriately.

6. Salvage home-garden-spaceyour Garden

By opting for a loft conversion, you don’t have to forego your garden to create extra floor space in your home. Whether your garden is large or small, its no doubt likely to be a valuable asset, particularly for those living in urban neighbourhoods.

Converting the loft is a fantastic way of transforming an otherwise unused, non-functional space, allowing you to maintain full use of your garden and therefore enjoy the best of both worlds.

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