3 Ways Give Your Staircase A Brand New Look

Your staircase is one of the most important parts of your home. Aesthetically, it is something that makes a room stand out. Meanwhile, its function cannot be overstated – there is rarely a day that you don’t use the staircase on at least a couple of occasions.
However, the staircase is still something that often gets overlooked when people decide to renovate their home. Even as new decorations enter the home and new colour schemes are introduced, staircases often remain exactly the same.

It’s a surprising fact – especially┬ábecause there are many fantastic, creative and appealing ways to transform your staircase. You can easily transform it from that boring old necessity into something unique that makes your home seen brand new. Some ideas are more expensive, but many can be achieved without the need to break the bank
So what are the best ways that you can give your traditional staircase a brand new look?

1. Try A New Colour Scheme

Bringing a bit of colour to your tired old staircase doesn’t come a lot easier than, well, bringing a bit of colour. Find a new pattern that might complement the appearance of your room and get to work. If you have a wooden staircase, it is very easy: grab a small, angled paint brush to fill in some of the edges then a larger one for the stair tiles themselves. If you have carpet, it’s even simpler: try a few samples and see what fits best, then install it when you see fit.

2. Be Creative With The Design

Or perhaps you might attempt to be really creative. Some people have decorated each step a different shade to replicate a rainbow, some have given each one a favourite quote, and others have even designed their steps in the style of book spines. All you need to achieve this is an artistic eye and a few simple painting tools.

3. Make Your Staircase Into A Storage Space

Every homeowner in the world understands the agony of finding storage space. With every new purchase comes the anxiety of where you might be able to put it. There are plenty of solutions to this crisis. Home extensions and loft conversions are available from businesses such as Mersey Developments. But there is another way: turn the underside of your staircase into something that not only props up the fixture but simultaneously serves as a storage space.

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