5 Bespoke Staircase Designs Guaranteed to Inspire

A bespoke staircase can bring a whole new energy to your home, particularly in the way in which it connects the floors together. Having a bespoke staircase measured and built to fit your requirements will not only greatly improve the look and feel of you home; it can also help to encourage the flow of energy by making the most of tight spaces, low ceilings and hard-to-reach places.

In addition, with a range of materials, colours, styles, designs and themes to choose from, there’s no longer an excuse for your home not having the ease of accessibility it so deserves. Speak to a dedicated staircase fitter or experienced architect to come up with a unique design that’s built to suit you.

In the meantime, take a look at these five bespoke staircase designs for some inspiration on how it can transform your home.

1. contemporary-bespoke-staircase

This classic and elegant staircase makes the most of its space thanks to its quarter turn with three winders. Built out of rich and vibrant oak, the staircase gives a warm and cosy feel to its surroundings whilst still displaying an element of country-fresh briskness.

Solid and dutiful, this is a staircase certain to last for years to come, with its glass-paneled banister adding a light and delicate touch.


2. hovering-bespoke-staircase

Certainly not one for children, this fragmented staircase spotted in a park house in Tokyo gives the illusion that the stairs are ‘hovering’ in mid air. It gives an ultra modern and minimalist feel due to its smooth almond finish and neat alignment.

This staircase would not be ideal when there are elderly people or little ones around, but it certainly helps to maintain a clean, simplistic look without compromising on function and durability.



This beautiful glass staircase is a surefire way to catch the eye of any guest that may come into your hallway. Encased by strong glass paneling, it is kept supported and protected, whilst also giving the illusion of more space thanks to its transparency.

Many people don’t tend to think of glass as a strong candidate for building a staircase, but be assured that it is. It can be more expensive, but this is one material to invest in if its both luxury and dependability you’re after.


4. bespoke-staircase-storage

Not just a pretty architectural piece – your bespoke staircase can also be doubled up as an extra facility; in this case, storage. This clean, white staircase with traditional banister design has handy, spacious drawers in which to store bedding, linen, books and other miscellaneous items or household equipment effortlessly.

When closed, these drawers are almost invisible to the eye, blending seamlessly with your staircase’ design. Consider this for an easy and clever way to keep your home looking spotless!


5. bespoke-staircase-limestone

If you’re looking for something a little more extravagant, this stunning back-lit staircase made with French limestone is a perfect example of how far your bespoke staircase can go. Perfect for hallways, outdoor areas or basements, the limestone gives a soft yet glamorous look to any interior, whilst the bare-brick interim panels maintain a Grecian, rustic effect.

Add in some back-light by placing LED spotlights at the top of the staircase, and watch as a pastel-coloured hue is glanced off the steps and onto the surrounding walls. For this work, you’ll need to choose either soft lights or use spotlight covers to control how much light is allowed to illuminate the stairwell.

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